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Adult Children of the Mentally Ill
Eva M. Brown, MSW, LCSW

I am a psychotherapist practicing in Oakland, California. In my general practice, I provide individual, couples and group psychotherapy for adults with a broad range of problems. I specialize in working with adults who grew up with a parent suffering from a serious psychological impairment. Such disturbances profoundly affect the functioning not only of the parent but of the entire family.

I created the acronym "ACMI" (Adult Children of the Mentally Ill). Previously, people from this population were unrecognized as a unique group with common influences, challenges, and concerns. I have written a book titled "My Parent's Keeper" (New Harbinger Press) based on my work with ACMIs. I work with this population in an individual setting, as well as leading ACMI groups. For Clinicians: I offer consultation to experienced therapists as well as supervision and training to interns seeking to qualify for licensing.

Who Is An ACMI?
Someone whose parent was diagnosed and treated for a mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disease.
"She was just real quiet. She slept a lot. She took a lot of tranquilizers. I remember her constantly taking pills. And I remember she stayed up at night a lot of times, walking around the house. She was really withdrawn, really nervous. She didn't take care of herself. And she didn't take care of the house. It was pretty chaotic inside of our house, to say the least."
Someone whose parent's rageful, unpredictable, highly anxious or severely depressed behavior was not diagnosed or treated, but profoundly impacted the family.
"There was a way she always seemed mean and at the same time really fragile. I ended up feeling like I had to read her mind and take care of her but I also was scared of her, because her mood could change so suddenly that I couldn't see trouble coming. I think I got a sort of emotional whiplash."

How Can I Get More Information?

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