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General Practice

I offer individual, couples, and group work. In addition to my work with ACMIs, I assist people with problems such as relationship issues, depression and anxiety, disability and chronic illness, and separation and bereavement. I conduct ACMI groups and interactive groups where people work on contact and communication. As these issues move towards being resolved, clients gain greater access to their strengths and talents.

Depending on your needs, we can focus on specific problems and symptoms, and/or we can work to identify and alter assumptions and attitudes you formed as a child, which may be impeding your ability to shape your life in satisfying ways.

I believe that people need to feel both safe and curious in order to do this work. We'll collaborate to find the balance and pacing that allow you to feel optimally supported and challenged. I offer consistency, clear boundaries, and a deep understanding of the developmental issues that must be resolved in order for people to feel content as adults.

When I work with couples, I pay particular attention to establishing an environment in which both partners feel equally supported in expressing their feelings and needs. We'll pinpoint snags in the communication process and I'll help you to learn ways to communicate that are more likely to be received and understood by each partner. We'll also explore what patterns from childhood relationships you may be replaying with each other. This will help each of you free yourself from casting yourself and your partner in old roles.

I accept some private insurance. Please ask me about other insurance coverage.

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Eva M. Brown, LCSW      Telephone: 510.635.5063       Email: evambrown@aol.com